I feel as though I keep running into these…..bridges. I see it, take a few steps on it, cross it, but for some reason the other side is not what I think everyone thinks. Its not that “oh once you cross the bridge everything is different on the other side” Nope as I’ve realized it’s…


Many people say I’m weird because I’m a twenty year old going on twenty one and I don’t like to drink, or do drugs. They say your a college student have some fun its not a big deal, the experiences you have now will shape the rest of your life, so you should try everything….

About last night

Have you ever had one of those nights, the one where you think back and say to yourself “what the fuck happened last night?” Well it can all begin anywhere and anyway. My night as most of my “WTF” nights go down with my one and only best friend. It stared off the two of…

Dancing in the Gym

Dancing in the gym. Dancing in the gym. I dance in the rain, in the yard, in the house, while walking down or up the street. I dance alone I dance with people but mostly alone. I dance I dance And I dance. The more I say dance other words come to mind, lance, stance, pants….