I feel as though I keep running into these…..bridges. I see it, take a few steps on it, cross it, but for some reason the other side is not what I think everyone thinks. Its not that “oh once you cross the bridge everything is different on the other side” Nope as I’ve realized it’s…


Many people say I’m weird because I’m a twenty year old going on twenty one and I don’t like to drink, or do drugs. They say your a college student have some fun its not a big deal, the experiences you have now will shape the rest of your life, so you should try everything….

Dont forget everything and everyone has a purpose

I just watched this video on wolves in Yellowstone park. Now personally I’ve always admired wolves for their beauty, mystery and strength. However, a lot of times I think people think of wolves as enemies to the ecosystem. The kill cute little animals, they snarl their massive razor sharp teeth or they kill our livestock….

The human figure endless beauty

Theres something so elegant about the human body. The way a back arches and the muscles that are visible or the curves of women and the shadows created by each beautiful inch of her body. The colors of a humans skin are vast and unique to each individual. I love painting and drawing figures because its…

Animal tea party

There were five wild animals. A squirrel, a chipmunk, a porcupine, an owl and a honey-badger. There was another though. Her name was Aisling. She was a curious thing. White and pure looking with a pink top and pink bow. She was different from the others, prime and proper, kind and graceful. But deep down…