I feel as though I keep running into these…..bridges. I see it, take a few steps on it, cross it, but for some reason the other side is not what I think everyone thinks. Its not that “oh once you cross the bridge everything is different on the other side” Nope as I’ve realized it’s the same as it was before, I’m just looking at it from another side.

Think about it, being on one side of a bridge and thinking about having to cross it. Like this bridge below, theres constant headlights coming your way, sounds getting louder than quieter, slight discomfort thinking “I hope this thing doesn’t break”. Then once you get to the other side a little sense of relief overfills you, because you know you’ve crossed all those other distractions. However, now that your on the other side you notice that it doesn’t matter, because your going to have to do it again and again and again.

The other side may seem different and at first you may think wow I made it, and yes you did for now. You meet new people, build new relationships, see new places, but then it happens again. There you are sitting in front of a bridge.

Guess what, theres only one way to go…. Forward.



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