Many people say I’m weird because I’m a twenty year old going on twenty one and I don’t like to drink, or do drugs. They say your a college student have some fun its not a big deal, the experiences you have now will shape the rest of your life, so you should try everything. The thing is I don’t need any of that to help shape myself, and I’ve never needed anything other than watching and learning from others and creating experiences without drugs and alcohol. I’ve seen what drugs and alcohol do to people. It doesn’t shape who you are it changes you into someone your not. Maybe part of it is my subconscious  who’s lived with an alcoholic and has personally seen the effects of heavy drug use so I just permanently  am not a fan of either. I don’t know if people are just that insecure about themselves thinking they need something to gain whats missing, but honestly I think they just have not been to the right places or met the right people. To me people use these things as an escape from their fears, pain, or mind.

It’s funny because the people I’ve hung out with have told me that they feel like they are high when they are around me. You know why its because I am. Not high off any substance but I’m going to be cliche and say I’m literally high off life. Life is amazing, people are amazing everything that surrounds me is amazing. I think to many a times people forget the essence of life and the pleasures it brings. Or maybe I’m just one of those people who has found enlightenment I don’t know, but all I can say is that people need to take a big huff of real life. Once they do the other substances will only be a distant memory.

Surround yourself with the right people, be in the right place, do what makes you happy, love someone, and most important love yourself because thats all you really need in life. I’m not here to say drinking is bad, bad, bad, drugs are bad, bad, bad but I’m saying it might be good if people stepped away from those types of things that make them “feel alive” but it’s not really “alive” its a temporary fix. The real substances that will give you an eternal high are spending a day on the beach, or hiking a mountain and being above the trees, maybe it’s riding a skateboard and landing an awesome flip, or even falling in love and having intense passionate sex. These are the real drugs that we need. So go out with out anything but yourself, and your life desires and I promise you will be enlightened.


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