Dont forget everything and everyone has a purpose

I just watched this video on wolves in Yellowstone park. Now personally I’ve always admired wolves for their beauty, mystery and strength. However, a lot of times I think people think of wolves as enemies to the ecosystem. The kill cute little animals, they snarl their massive razor sharp teeth or they kill our livestock. But remember this, if there were no wolves there would be on overpopulation of deer. This results in a lack of vegetation because there are more deer to eat more and faster. Then because of this there are less bears because the deer have eaten all of the berry bushes or the rivers create more erosion because the vegetation and trees that had disappeared. Or the birds become sparse since they have no tree or bush home or no small rodents since there is no where for them to hide and burrow.

Now bring the wolves back and they begin to change the entire environment. They kill some deer to even out population control. This then creates the vegetation to start to grow again. Trees and plants reform and small animals come back, bears begin to regenerate again, and birds flock back. The rivers even change. There is less erosion and more pools of water and free flowing banks of water. There are more beavers who create more dams which creates homes for other creatures. Its a whole cycle. So remember everything has a purpose without the wolves there is a loss of specials and life, but with the wolves there is growth and nature can continue to live how it should and regenerate an entire system. Everything and everyone has a purpose. Remember that. img_2050


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