About last night

Have you ever had one of those nights, the one where you think back and say to yourself “what the fuck happened last night?”

Well it can all begin anywhere and anyway. My night as most of my “WTF” nights go down with my one and only best friend. It stared off the two of us alone in her house we lived right down the street from each other which made it even easier for us to be best friends. Our night started like any other weekend evening we talked about family shit, boy shit, dog shit any type of shit really. Our chats turned from one subject to the next within instances. Next thing I know were upstairs in her bathroom, where she’s overly drenching her contact that was now just floating in a pool of solution, while I was cracking up in the corner between her door and bathtub on the floor with tears running down my face. We both were in there for I have no idea maybe an hour cracking up about her contact swimming in a pool of solution. Why it was so funny I don’t know but during that moment it was the most hilarious thing happening. Then we headed back downstairs to do what we do cook a shit ton of food. But for some reason I had the sudden urge to clean everything. I mean I scrubbed and scrubbed her kitchen stove to the point that you could see your own reflection as if you were looking into a crystal clear shimmering river. Again we’re cracking up at my weird random obsession of clearing the stove and next thing you know my best friend has her legs crossed and tears are streaming down her blushed face, then I saw it. A puddle on the floor!

“Did you just piss yourself??!!!” I said cracking up.

Now I’m on the floor dying of laughter and she’s wiping up her tinkle mess with a paper towel. I couldn’t believe she did that but it made the night all the more memorable.

After our long tear jerking, head pounding, ab working laugh sesh we finally settled down. And passed out within the next twenty minutes.

All I can say is about last night, it was a night for sure and a night that was spent well with my life long best friend because honestly nothing can compare to a long hard laugh with your best friend.

So, what about your last night?



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