Dig into my eyes

“Can you see it?”

“See what?”

“The eggs.”



“Im looking.”

“No, come to my level and look how beautiful they are.”


It never crossed my mind to think a couple of butterfly eggs could be beautiful, but when he showed me them and I saw the excitement in his eyes it made me wonder.

He was slender with a muscular build. His body seemed to have a golden glow in the sunlight with each movement he took. Everyday he wore clothes that were burgundy and green. Literally those were the only colors that consisted in his clothing color pallet.  Brown shaggy hair swept across his face with the most precious curls that covered his ears. Those curls were so fun to twirl within my fingers. As he walked by a sweet sent of Herbal Essence with a hint of curiosity and knowledge filled my nostrils. I would hold boney, soft, warm hands that were filled with dedication and time. Each day his hands worked at striking white and black keys filling the air with a splendor of sound. When he would look up at me and I couldn’t help but stare. His eyes were the most beautiful pair I’d ever seen. The iris, a light, rich, brown color with a soft, forest green mixed throughout. When his eyes fell upon my it felt like he had looked into my soul and read every chamber of mystery within me. Even the parts that were hidden from the world including myself. I on the other hand wore an eclectic range of colored clothes. My hair was brown and wavy, and my eyes were the color of dirt just dirt. I didn’t have a  golden glow to my skin or rays of sunlight bouncing off of me. I wasn’t perfectly slender with a beautifully toned body. Even though I was completely different from him we had an untouchable connection that would forever burn between us.


“Lets go, lets go!”

“Wait I need to finish playing this song.”

“Oh my you’ve been sitting at that piano for three hours now, I’m surprised your fingers haven’t broken yet.”

“You don’t understand when I’m playing my mind won’t let my fingers stop.”


He was right I had no clue that someone could be so passionate. Playing piano for three hours without a break seemed like torture to me. I could usually play for about one hour before my mind exploded from pounding at the keys. However the more I watched him play and talk about music and how much it meant to him i began think rethink that one hour. I started to want to play more. His passion and desire the be the best he could be was rubbing off onto me. I began to play more and a waterfall of emotions and pleasure poured out onto the keys. Now I was beginning to understand how his mind wouldn’t let his fingers stop. It was like I had entered my body and pulled out each memory I had, and stretched each one out across the piano. Never in my life had I felt such satisfaction.

When we spent time together no moment was dull or uninteresting. Everything we did had meaning and promise. For when he would talk to me about music, plants, bugs anything really my mind was engaged. I had to turn my mind into a sponge so I could soak up all of the words he spoke to me. I was on the road to an adventure of knowledge and discovery all from one person.


“Stop, don’t move.”

“What do you see?”

“It’s not what i see but what you see?”

“Well… “ I looked closely at the plant.


How incredible what had appeared before my eyes and to think I would have walked right by it if he wasn’t there with me. I crouched down and studied the plant. On one of the leaves was a cocoon. It was a light green that had a shimmery tint to it. Around the edges were  dazzling drops of liquid gold. I never knew that a tiny creature could create something so gorgeous. A tiny wiggle occurred as I inspected the cocoon. I could tell that these cocoons were made with precision and delicacy. How strange to think that this little caterpillar was undergoing the process of entering a new life. As I watched the cocoon I began to realize that I was that caterpillar who was in the middle of metamorphosis. I was a caterpillar on the verge of seeing the world from a whole new perspective. My days with this boy continued to be an adventure of learning. Each day the hunger to know and I mean really know about everything that I could festered inside me. I didn’t want that feeling to ever end.


“I’m leaving for school.”

“Where have you decided to go?”

“British Columbia Vancouver.”



My heart became hot wax melting inside my chest. Never in my life had I felt such pain of sorrow, and anger, infect my soul.I didn’t want him to leave not now when we were in the prime of our relationship, and the prime of my understanding of how precious the Earth is. A burst of anger and selfishness filled my bloodstream. How could he leave me and go that far away. So many things we still had to do together and discover. I wanted to tell him that it wasn’t possible for him to leave. He couldn’t he was my light and my breath of fresh air. That air that once surrounded him already began to fade. The soft warm touch of his hands became cold and stiff. I had to snap out of it. I had to understand that this was bound to happen. People like him don’t come around very often and eventually they have to leave and find a new land to discover. In the end I became happy for him. Happy that he was rolling his heart in where he wanted to go and pursue in life.

Even though he is gone in my mind and the world surrounding me he really isn’t anywhere but everywhere. He is in the plants, the birds, the music I hear, but most of all he is in my heart. From all the type I had spent with him I don’t miss out on the small and valuable pieces of life. I know tend to look at plants on the side of the road and inspect them to see any sort of little life upon their leaves. Or I over analyze music and think about how beautiful and satisfying it is to understand it. No more do i sit around and wonder what I should do because Im bored, but I go out and make myself better at my talents because I want to be the absolute best I can be. I would have never taken the time to stop and admire the smallest of things in my previous life. He was my inspiration and my love. He was my best friend and will always be.



“Yes, I can see it and you are beautiful. It is all beautiful.”



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